Monday, October 20, 2008

"Voter Fraud" is a Fraud

For years now, the Republican Party has promoted the idea that their opponents commit voter fraud, apparently on a vast and systematic basis.  Sadly, for them as well as for talking heads the world over, the evidence does not support this.  (Or, to put that last sentence in plainer English:  The Republicans are lying).

Readers may remember that the Justice Department firings -- a scandal that would have been a signal disgrace to any administration with fewer disgraces to its name -- were all about this matter.  In state after state, Rove, Goodling and friends pushed US attorneys to investigate voter fraud.  When the attorneys, most of them solid Republicans themselves, declined to prosecute based on lack of evidence, they were canned.

Lately, we've heard a lot about ACORN, a community organizing group accused of registration fraud, which although it does not involve any fraudulent votes -- Mickey Mouse will not show up at the polls, and won't be let into a booth if he does -- is still an assault on the system.  (And we are not ACORN patsies.  Au contraire.  If you want to hear scorn, please, please ask Father Anonymous about community organizing groups and the pastors who frequent them).  But the fact is that, despite Sen. McCain's intemperate and deceitful debate rant, this is not voter fraud.  Key point.

But the GOP is still in there swinging.  Last week, the RNC accused this same group of voter fraud -- that is, actually attempting to abet the casting of 28 illegal votes -- in New Mexico.  They even organized a conference call for this afternoon, to present their "facts."

Problem being, there were no "facts."  According to ACORN, in its own conference call, NM election officials had certified that the 28 voters in question were all legal voters.  When the GOP conference call was held, and spokesman Danny Diaz was asked about the matter, he replied, "Well, truth is that I'm a lying turd-blossom in the Karl Rove/Lee Atwater tradition."  Actually, he changed the subject -- but close enough.

In other words, they are lying liars who lie, and as the days draw short, they are lying up a storm.

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