Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vatican Coverup: Pope Stabbed By Spanish Priest.

Okay, it was a quarter-century ago.  But here at the Egg, we say "if it bleeds, it leads."  Tasteful, huh?

Anyway, it seems that two years after Pope John Paul II was shot by a crazed Turk, he was stabbed by a crazed Spaniard, Father Juan Fernandez Krohn.  The attack itself was not covered up -- police knocked the knife from Krohn's hand, and he was sent to prison.  But the public was allowed to believe that Krohn had been stopped before actually piercing the pope's tough old Polish hide.

In fact, as we now learn from Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, the knife got through.  "there was blood," says the cardinal, an eyewitness, although the report doesn't say how much.  Still, it is a testament to John Paul's genuine gutsiness that he went on with his trip, not even talking about the wound.  Whatever our reservations about JPII, and they are many, we have never doubted his testicular amplitude.

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