Friday, October 24, 2008

Politics Tearing Mormons Apart

Per a (very good) article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Mormon leaders have started getting involved in politics, especially the resistance to same-sex marriage, and most especially California's Proposition 8.

As you might expect, this has caused some unrest in the pews.  The article begins this way:

The thought of going to church in her southern California LDS ward makes Carol Oldham cry. She can't face one more sermon against same-sex marriage. She can't tolerate the glares at the rainbow pin on her lapel. ... She feels the church is bringing politics into her sanctuary.

"It has tainted everything for me," Oldham said, choking up during a telephone interview. "I am afraid to go there and hear people say mean things about gay people. I am in mourning. I don't know how long I can last."

We feel for Mrs. Oldham, and for other Mormons, especially the gay ones.  

But -- and if we're wrong, may God forgive us -- we can't help rubbing our greasy hands together in glee at the thought of Mormons tearing each other apart.  We'd actually pay to see it in the Colosseum, if we had any money left.

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