Monday, October 27, 2008

Guns Are For Self-Defense

Right, Justice Scalia?

Please explain that to  the parents of 8-year old Christopher Bizilj, who just blew his brains out with a 9mm Micro-Uzi submachine gun.  At a perfectly legal gun show.

Actually, you don't have to explain it to Bizilj's father, who had taken him to the show, and stood by while an "instructor" -- we suspect that means salesman -- loaded the gun and handed it to the boy.  When Christopher pulled the trigger, the gun's recoil made it kick in his hand.  For the record, the Micro-Uzi can fire 25 rounds per second.  We can't imagine what happened next, or how any of the people involved feel.

But we can ask -- and we do -- whether there ought to be any circumstances under which a young boy is given a loaded machine gun.  Our answer, as always, is no.


Anonymous said...

Actually I've wanted for sometme to find a venue to respond to Scalia's recent opinion for the court. Somehow the parish newsletter doesn't seem the place, but who knows. (Mostly because I don't know if I want them to know I'm the kind of geek that actually reads Supreme Court decisions---isn't the internet fun?) Anyway, said formal opinion of he who eschews personal opinion in favor of strict construction was a breathtaking piece of pure hypocrisy. Justice S. constantantly thunders at those who dare to assert rights derived from pnumbras and such, but then out of some hole some where determined that the clear purpose of the right to keep and bear arms was for "self-defense." Where extactly in the text are those word, Mr. Justice Strict-Contructionist? Where, sir?

Pr. James K.
A scribe, but not a pharisee.

Father said...

A very good point. And here I always fall back on "Scalia's a weenie." But, no, I see now that you are right -- it's almost as much fun to point out the flaws in his logic as to mock him personally. Almost.