Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Geeks and Nerds Only

All others, please avert your eyes.

Christian Bale "tops the list" of choices to play Doctor Strange in a new movie.

For the cognoscenti, no more need be said.  For those who may have inadvertently peeped into this post despite our warning label, Stephen Strange is a Marvel Comics character, the Master of the Mystic Arts.  He lives in Greenwich Village with his Asian houseboy and a grey-haired interdimensional hottie.  

More to the point, if Bale plays him -- along with Batman and John Connor -- it will mean three franchise superheroes.  How many other actors have ever done that?  Schwarzenegger, obviously (Conan, Terminator, Mr. Freeze).  But it's pretty elite crowd, in the second traditional dictionary meaning of that term, as described a few posts down.

So does this mean Christian Bale gets to be governor of California? 

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