Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Wants Soul Back; Devil Says "Too Late"

In today's papers, there are several reports that John McCain has taken to rebuking supporters when they shout from the bleachers that Barack Obama is a "traitor" or a "terrorist."  It is right for him to do so, of course.  

But let's be clear.  This isn't human decency, this is transparent hypocrisy.  The McCain team is speaking from both sides of its mouth.  After all, it is his own running mate who has made headlines lately with her (obviously scripted) attacks on Sen. Obama's character, and who shows no inclination to stop now.  So McCain tries to make himself look honorable by opposing the foulest prejudices and misinformation about his opponent, while his own campaign continues to spew the stuff like lawn fertilizer.  

It is a comment on just how effective his slime tactics have been that his own supporters booed McCain in Minneapolis for saying that Obama is "a decent person."

This supposed new direction is no testament to McCain's character.  It is a reminder of just how little character he has demonstrated over the past few weeks.

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