Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bush's War Continues to Ruin Lives of Christians

Six hundred more Christian families are reported fleeing Mosul.  That is on top of the 1,424 said to have left as of last week.  The surge is working for somebody, but apparently not for Assyrian and Chaldean Christians.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, NGO aid worker Gayle Williams was assassinated by the Taliban.  Her job was to work with disabled children.  Her "crime," in the eyes of the assassins, was to spread Christianity.  Colleagues insist that she did not do this.  We believe them, because aid workers generally know the limitations under which they work; but beyond that, we remind our readers that free discourse on matters of religion is a crime only in societies that do not value freedom.  (Which is why, much as we hate to admit it, Germany should lay off the Scientologists).

Meanwhile, the violence against Christians in Orissa and Karnataka worsens, while the  Indian government does as little as it possibly can.

Meanwhile back in the US of A, a Republican leader in Georgia has called upon his party faithful to take a moment each night to pray, among other things, "that the Bible will remain the bases [sic] for the laws governing our land; and that Christianity will prevail in the U.S."  This sort of talk is the Christianist version of what the Taliban believe, and if you want to see where it leads in a pluralaistic society, look at Orissa.  And weep.

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