Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain's Pants On Fire

As in "liar, liar" and so forth.  

During these last weeks of the campaign, with his poll numbers slipping, McCain is getting desperate.  A brief Times blog (click up top) fact-checks some of his recent misrepresentations, both of his own positions and of Obama's.  

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is rehashing the whole argument that Obama, because he knows an ex-Weatherman socially and professionally, is somehow soft on terrorism.  This is a truly bad idea.  Does anybody really want to be considered guilty of the worst thing ever done by somebody they have worked with?  Because John McCain was in Vietnam, which means he has probably worked with some war criminals (hell, he has claimed to be one himself. Literally) .  He has spent decades in the Senate, which certainly means he has worked with crooks -- think Randy Cunningham, or the rest of the Keating Five.  He hugged George Bush.  Oh, and his wife is a thieving drug addict.

Nope.  Both outright lies and desperate attempts at guilt by association are infra dig, or should be, for somebody seeking our highest office.  And anyway, he doesn't have to panic this way.  Or didn't anybody explain to him that the voting machines are all rigged?

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