Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're So Proud

Our Beloved Godson is setting out on a cross-country road trip, and photoblogging it. Links are above and to the side.

Now, technically speaking, this blog has nothing to do with the Egg's three declared topics of interest -- that is, sex, religion and politics. (Depending, we suppose, on how the trip goes.) But we commend it to you for any of several reasons.
  • First, because America is a nice country, and pictures of it are always worth a gander;
  • Second, because the kid is a talented church musician, so you never know when religion might sneak in;
  • And third, because regular Egg readers may enjoy the family resemblance.
We're not kidding about that resemblance, either. In his second post, the OBG comes right out and calls himself "an English major with overwrought prose." And to prove it, he capitalizes the initial in "Gargantuan," turning complaints about laundry into a quick allusion to medieval French literature. What more do you need?

And, yes, we like the Blogger template, too.

1 comment:

mark said...

Rabelais, while not entirely unexpected, is secondary to opening quote and its Christian echoes from Mr. Eliot - perhaps you noticed?