Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Told You It Would Happen

We said that you would soon see press reports identifying LCMS President-elect Matthew Harrison as the "conservative" contender in his race with Gerard Kieschnick. And here you are.

We are disappointed, of course, for all the reasons we spelled out the other day. And we are even more disappointed to see this in BeliefNet, which is devoted to writing on religion, and ought therefore to be more sensitive to the genuine complexity of affairs like this, which rarely boil down to left vs. right.

But we are more than disappointed, and a little amused, by Nicole Neroulias' almost self-mocking disclaimer:
I haven't reported on the LCMS before, but this sounds like another case of intrafaith conflict between conservatives and liberals ....
Well, no, it doesn't. And if you think it does, shouldn't you check with people who might know better?

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