Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Reader, Suppose I Were a Congressman ..."

So there's Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Cal.), just driving along, minding his own business, when he has what all drivers dread, a sudden encounter with Smokey the Bear.

Look, we all get pulled over once in a while, right? Well, not Father A., because he prefers mass transit, but most other people do. No big deal, and in this case the kindly officer of the law let the Congressman go with a warning.

The funny part is that Lungren wasn't just speeding. he was speeding while talking on his cell phone. In fact, he was taking part in a live radio interview on his cell phone. While speeding.

Actually, it's not that funny. Whether or not people choose to believe it, talking on the phone impairs your driving just as badly as drinking. (Somebody please explain this to our wife's entire family. They are teetotallers who constantly call us from the highway, and we can often hear the delighted squeals of children and grandchildren in the back. Our blood runs cold.)

By the way, Lungren is a former California Attorney General, whose website makes a big deal about his tough-on-crime credentials. So we think that whole getting off with a warning is sort of ironic.

For the record, you shouldn't let the name fool you. Dan Lungren is not a Lutheran. He's the other kind of Catholic.


Ron Amundson said...

I find it interesting that so many of the pro-Arizona immigration law folks are so much into justice/following the law... I wonder if they follow cell phone and driving laws? Then again, perhaps the only folks they want to see follow the law are undocumented immigrants.

Father Anonymous said...

Nicely said, sir. Nicely said.