Friday, July 09, 2010

Unicorns and Peace

We at the Egg may have a mean streak, but it's purely rhetorical. Truth is that we are a bunch of pussycats, who wish good things for everybody, and go to sleep dreaming of unicorns and world peace.

So we are not happy that a suicidal man named Derek Thomas was admitted to a hospital in Louisiana recently, and that when he refused to put on the standard-issue gown and tried to leave, he was tasered by the security guards. Nor are we happy that this brought on an epileptic seizure.

Nor, and this is the point, is our unhappiness in any way diminished by fact that this poor man is the nephew of our least-favorite Supreme Court justice. (Scalia is more evil, but kind of funny about it; Clarence "Bump on a Log" Thomas just ticks us off) The taser epidemic has spread rapidly; where once it was reserved for loutish frat boys at John Kerry speeches, voltage is now applied to pregnant drivers, emotionally overwrought grandmothers, and, well, members of the Thomas family.

No, this does not please us. But we do wonder whether this will make Justice Thomas reconsider his vote in a recent decision, regarding the vicious attack on a prison inmate who asked a guard for a grievance form. Thomas figured there was nothing much wrong with it, because the guy didn't suffer permanent injury.

We like to think that this will encourage Thomas to reconsider. But we also dream of unicorns and world peace.

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Matt P. said...

You saw this too, I assume? :-/