Monday, July 26, 2010

Scary Creepy Fake Nun

Ick and double-ick. Seems there's this fake nun who has spent decades hustling New Yorkers for donations, which go to support some sort of criminal cult. She tells people she's a missionary of "the Episcopalian [sic] church," caring for poor widdle orphan girls, but our friends at the Post have the real scoop:

"Sister Milindia" is not a sister. The Episcopal Church has never heard of her; she's been busted at least once, in 1997, for misrepresenting herself as a nun in The Bronx; and the orphanage for which she claims to raise money doesn't exist.

Her real name is Mindy LeGrand, 54, and she's connected to a "church" in Crown Heights founded in the 1970s by a killer rapist with a harem of a dozen phony nuns. The church is now led by the founder's son, who is also a convicted rapist.

The outfit has no Episcopal or other church affiliation, is not a registered charity and has no foster- or day-care license of any kind.

Just ... ick

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