Friday, July 23, 2010

Nerds Who Care

The Westboro "Baptist" people, a freakish cult committed to picking on people in public, recently paid a visit to Comic-Con, the world's largest gathering of people who were picked on in junior high.

The result was a duel of placards, in which the Comic-Con protesters won a decisive victory. To WBC's monotonous "God hates fags," the counterprotesters came up with a series of brilliant ripostes, in their own peculiar jargon:
  • All Glory to the Hypnotoad
  • Odin Is God; Read The Mighty Thor #5
  • Magnets: How the *?#*! Do They Work?
  • Kill All Humans (displayed by a cartoon robot)
  • The Cylons Destroyed the 12 Colonies for Your Sins
We realize that most Egg readers won't get the jokes, but trust us -- they're funny. And more than funny, they are sharp.

We've rarely been prouder of our coke-bottle lenses and pocket protector.

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