Thursday, April 18, 2013

Roosevelt on Sheep and Shepherds

we saw this years ago, in Edwin Morris' magnificent The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.  The blog Mountain & Prairie sources it to TR's 1885 Hunting Trips of a Ranch Man, p. 121:
Cattle-men hate sheep, because they eat the grass so close that cattle cannot live on the same ground. The sheep-herders are a morose, melancholy set of men, generally afoot, and with no companionship except that of the bleating idiots they are hired to guard. No man can associate with sheep and retain his self-respect. Intellectually a sheep is about on the lowest level of the brute creation; why the early Christians admired it, whether young or old, is to a good cattle-man always a profound mystery.
Try not to think of it as you write your Sunday sermon.  Stick to Austin Farrer, for mercy's sake.

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