Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jingle Bells, Iron Man Smells

We've been waiting since 1968 to direct that kindergarten barb against somebody else's favorite superhero, and at last our long and lonely vigil has come to an end.  Shellhead stinks!

Per Wired, the film Iron Man 3 will be released in smell-o-vision, at least in Japan.  Of course, it's not called that anymore -- "that's so last century" -- but you get the idea.  Apparently, there is a new wave of "fourth dimension" theaters emerging worldwide, which offer such dubious pleasures as fog, tilting seats and, well, odor enhancements.  (As if our typical multiplex weren't already stinky enough.)

Wired proposes that Tont Stark, being a billionarire, probably smells pretty good, what with all the expensive cologne.  We're thinking it's more about sweat and engine grease, though.  Sounds ... ducky. (But maybe he'll just smell like the official fragrance from IM2.  There actually was one.)

In Rome last summer, we took our kid to a tourist trap that offered a special "history" of the city, with some of these features.  The seats rocked and at some point, for reasons that made sense at the time,  water was sprayed in our faces.  Huzzah. He liked it, but he was five years old.

For our own part, we dislike 3-D movies with a passion, and can only imagine that adding aromas will make the whole thing worse.  Not to mention more expensive.

All of which is why we are sticking to Netflix.

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