Friday, April 19, 2013

Back In Print?

Has Aaron Klopstein's collection Twenty Inches of Monkey actually been brought back into print after all these years?

It seems strikingly unlikely.

And if it has been re-issued by a new publisher, don't you think the cheap SOBs could have paid for cover art that wasn't an obvious mash-up of a Planet of the Apes publicity still and that widely-internetted wallpaper of a sexy Japanese nurse riding a motorcycle and shooting a gun?

Still, Klopstein -- whose suicide by blow-gun at the Christlike age of 33 is still an open wound among historians of American literature -- deserves attention.

We ourselves treasure our dog-eared copy of Klopstein's Once More the Cicatrice.  As we recall, it gave us quite a thrill in our adolescence, although it would no doubt be tame by today's standards.

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