Monday, April 15, 2013

"I Truly Despise the Episcopal Church"

Here is television host and noted bow-tie wearer Tucker Carlson, describing his faith in an interview with Marvin Olasky:

We still go to the Episcopal Church for all kinds of complicated reasons, but I truly despise the Episcopal Church in a lot of ways. They’re for gay marriage because it’s trendy. It’s another way to express how hip they are. They don’t care at all what God thinks of it, because they actually don’t believe in God. And then the fact that they sanction abortion. Are you joking? A church is for abortion? What?
Q:  You said you and your family go to an Episcopal church for all kinds of complicated reasons. Could you un-complicate that for us?  
A:  Part of it’s inertia. Part is we really like the people. Part is that’s the world I grew up in. I love the liturgy. I can recite it without looking at it. Dumb stuff like that. Am I going to defend that? No. It’s totally indefensible. I’m a shallow guy! That’s why I still go to the Episcopal Church. But I like it! I just don’t want to think too hard about my money going to these pompous, blowhard, pagan creeps who run the church!

Well, at least he's honest.


James of the Tonsure said...

And apparently as shallow as he claims the views of his church to be.

Pastor Joelle said...

I know a lot of Lutherans like that.

Father Anonymous said...

Seriously? They should just go somewhere else, the same way Carlson should. There are lots of churches in this country, and there's no reason anybody should be unhappy.

Listening to Carlson, I really was thinking that he'd be fine in the LCMS or the ACNA. A huge number of unhappy Roman Catholics would make fine members of an ELCA or PECUSA congregation. And so forth.

At least that's one view. Another is that -- and it galls me to say this -- Carlson should be commended for sticking it out. If everybody just resolved to stay with their church, faithfully and amicably disagreeing with the things they disagreed with, Christianity in our country might be a more grown-up affair, and a less Balkanized one one.

Daniel Rinehart said...

Well, there's sticking it out and there's sticking it out. Carlson could have said, "I strongly disagree with a number of positions taken by my church's leadership, especially with regard to gay marriage and abortion. But I consider it my home, I love the liturgy, and I love the parish where I worship with my family."

I'm really tired of the assumption that Christians in favor of equality for LGBT people believe as they do out of me-tooism rather than out of conviction.