Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh, Yeah. Here It Is.

It seems we have readers at Camden College.  A few of them were up late the other night, absolutely 100% not (so they assure us) doing anything that would make the angels weep, when they came across a copy of Ballantine's 1971 Ramba re-issue.

Camden's Hampden Library counts among its various special collections a shelf or three dedicated to junk paperbacks, from the 1940s onward.  Spoiled rich kids have all the fun.

Anyway, is it just us, or does Ramba (or her gladiatrix companion?  Anyway, the one on the left) bear a powerful resemblance to Pam Grier?

A powerful resemblance.

Okay.  Play time's over.  Next time we post, it will be something about the 17th century, next week's pericopes, or the hideous undead creature that calls itself Dick Cheney.

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Anonymous said...

most definitely awaiting the post re the hideous undead