Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lutheran Church Grows

No, not the ELCA, silly.  It's down by the usual percentage since last year.

But Redeemer Lutheran, of Salina, Kansas, has just completed a building program that will double its seating capacity.  It took seven years, and cost a million dollars, but they have done it. And why, you ask?  

For the visitors.

Apparently, the old building was plenty big for the congregation.  But visitors felt cramped.

For the record, Father A. once assisted at a parish which was in desperate need of increased capacity.  He watched, and tried to help, as the senior pastor presented idea after idea to a recalcitrant council, only to have each shot down, usually because of money.  Also for the record, this parish was about twenty times the size of Redeemer, Salina.

We will say no more on the subject, except to tell Pastor Kevin Kline that (a) he was excellent in A Fish Called Wanda, and (b) he is very lucky to have a congregation with such warm-hearted, visionary people in it.  As they are no doubt lucky to have him.

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