Friday, August 15, 2008

They Got Bigfoot!

He's in a freezer.  In Atlanta.  Next to the Montauk Monster.


Anonymous said...

so the dna will match the dna of that of the other bigfoot that the dna came from or will dna just prove it must be big foot. go figure.

Anonymous said...

today's commentary indicated the dna was that of an opposum and a human. i still don't get how the dna will prove it is bigfoot if there is no prior bigfoot on which a complete dna profile exists.

Father said...

Bit of a comeuppance for the Sasquatch, isn't it? One day, you're the fulfillment of all our atavisitc fantasies -- the noble savage, the Green Man, something between Tarzan and King Kong.

The next day you're a ... possum. Cute little creatures, but basically roadkill.

Although this does raise questions about the photograph in the freezer. Sure, it *looks* dead, what with the intestines hanging out. But if it's part possum, then how can we be sure?