Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Al Qaeda Declares War on Cucumbers

You want to laugh, but then you cry.

Our friends at Al Qaeda in Mesopotamian are losing support in the provinces because, among other things, they have forbidden women to buy cucumbers.  And yes, you can guess why.

It should be funny, because it so clearly reveals what idiots these guys are.  It would be funny, if only these idiots were not also bloodthirsty lunatics.  Such is their horror of female sexuality that, according to a Sunni elder quoted by Reuters, "They even killed female goats because their private parts were not covered and their tails were pointed upward, which they said was haram."  They also prohibit selling ice-cream, because it did not exist in the days of Muhammad. 

Yeah.  And then you cry.  Because the same elder reports, "I saw them slaughter a nine-year old boy like a sheep because his family didn't pledge allegiance to them."


Anonymous said...

commented but it didn't make the post re child dying of starvation when not fed because child refused to say amen after the table blessing of food.

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