Saturday, August 02, 2008

Muslims Hate Puppies

You think we're joking, don't you?  But we're not.

The Saudi religious police, whose duty is to enforce Wahabism in all its extremity, have recently demanded that pet stores stop selling cats and dogs, and that owners desist from walking their pets.  And why?  Apparently, men sometimes use the animals to "make passes on [sic] women and disturb families."

These are the same Saudis, mind you, who are said to rank among America's closest allies in the war against Muslim extremism.  The same Saudis who recently banned the color red  because it might make people think of St. Valentine's Day.

So, one more time:  who exactly hates our freedoms?

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... What is their opinion of the Montauk Monster? And why isn't there a posting on this blog regarding this rare and delicate creature?