Saturday, August 09, 2008

Do Us a Favor

Click the link up top, and vote for Natalia Paruz, "the Saw Lady."  And do it NOW -- after 8pm EST Sunday and before 8pm Monday.  [NOTE:  the link has been fixed, thanks to a sharp-eyed reader.]

Natalia is a New York City subway performer, and we at the Egg are asking you to support her in a competition among subway performers.  She plays the musical saw, a rare and spookily beautiful instrument.  And she's damn good; they routinely give her the best spot in the system, right by the restrooms in Times Square -- and she always has a crowd.  But she is much more than that. 

For years, Natalia has organized an International Musical Saw Festival, which draws musicians and aficionados from all over the world (and this year, it drew them to the church where Father Anonymous is blessed to preside).  She is also an expert in bells and other percussive instruments, the more obscure the better.  Although Jewish herself, she plays with the handbell choir at Father A.'s parish, just for the fun of making things ring.

Oh, and she's a delightful human being, too.  If you'd like to learn more, check out her site here -- but above all, vote.

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