Monday, August 04, 2008

Nazis Forced Man to Dress as Woman

 You think this is about the Max Mosley incident incident.  But it's actually a bit of Berlin Olympics trivia.

In 1936, afraid of getting their Fascist clocks cleaned by freedom-loving Americans, the Nazis decided to cheat.  They pressured a fellow named Hermann Ratjen to pass himself off as a female high-jumper named Dora.  S/he took fourth, and -- more remarkably -- continued competing for two more years.  Her teammates say they "never suspected a thing," despite the fact that Ratjen "was pretty weird" and had a deep voice.   

We learned all of this from our newest enthusiasm, an online newsletter called Lutheran (True) Confessions.  Click the link for a witty and well-written take on ELCA politics, especially the sex stuff.

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