Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh. It Was a Girl.

Mark Sanford was in Argentina with his lady-friend. No big deal, apart from the fact that it violates his marriage vows (and the Ten Commandments), and that it will probably destroy his chance of ever becoming president. Oh, and the fact that he has publicly humiliated his wife and children.

Still, a governor really committed to causing a scandal could have done a lot better. The commenters at Wonkette have a number of suggestions, most involving a combination of cocaine and Argentinean boys. Oh, and the bodies of his victims, that one was good, too.

Lamentably, we missed the press conference, which Pastor Joelle assures us was bizarre -- and notably missing the customary stiff-lipped spouse. But we do understand that the FoxNews onscreen text managed to mis-identify the governor as a Democrat. Because, given the number of Republican sex-scandals in the past few years, they felt it would only be fair to balance it with a Democrat. Even an imaginary one. (Apparently, Fox has already forgotten John Edwards -- which is funny, considering how much most Democrats despise him, even as his wife has become a bestselling author and folk-hero).

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