Saturday, June 13, 2009

Augustine, on Schism

In the 4th century, the Donatist schism in North Africa -- essentially an argument over the moral purity of the clergy -- prompted St. Augustine to make this reflection on St Mark 4:21-34, our Gospel for tomorrow:

In the same manner, then the catholicity of our mother [the Church] becomes palpable when others who are not her sons make war on her.  It is a fact that this little branch of worshipers in Africa has been broken off from the great tree which embraces the whole world in the spreading of its branches.  She is in labor with them in charity, that they may return to the root without which they cannot have true life.

"Without which they cannot have true life."  We hope that those words, when they are read aloud on Sunday, will chill the blood of the SSPX, not to mention the WordAlone movement, which after years of pretending to be a "loyal opposition" is getting closer and closer to becoming ... something else.

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Pastor Joelle said...

Thank you for that. Augustine is my homeboy...