Thursday, June 25, 2009

Justice Thomas Wants to Search Schoolgirl's Undies.

Or he wants a middle-school principal to do it. At least if there's any chance she might be carrying Advil.

This imbecile should never have been named to the Supreme Court. Thomas, like several other current justices (we're thinking of you, Little Johnnie Roberts) makes a point of throwing his support to anybody with any degree of power, no matter how slight. In his mind, society has two choices: we can let middle school principals humiliate their students, or loose mere anarchy upon the world.

Good news: nobody -- not even Scalia -- sided with him on this one.


Pastor Joelle said...

I heard that this afternoon and I too thought it rather, urm, interesting that Clarence Thomas was the lone judge who had no problem with stripping a school girl naked looking for Ibuprofen. Geesh!

Diane said...

didn't hear this, and you've also, ever so slightly, put your finger on what most disturbs me most about the Supreme Court right now, and it's not abortion. It's the bias toward the powerful.