Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Anglicans to be Purpose-Driven

Or so we gather from the fact that the new Anglican Church in North America chose Rick Warren to give a speech at its first provincial assembly.

By the way, this new Anglican church is composed of dioceses, parishes and priests who have broken away from the Protestant Episcopal Church in North America, but who hate it when they are called "breakaway" dioceses, parishes and priests. But do you know what, dear readers? We at the Egg are not afraid to take a stand here, bold and courageous: breakway, breakaway, breakaway. There, we said it.

The name -- Anglican Church in North America -- sounds more reasonable than it really is. Although the name properly lacks a definite article, one can scarcely speak of it without adding one. And the minute one does, the minute it becomes "the ACNA," an invidious implication is made, suggesting that some other body may not be the real Anglican church.


Pastor Joelle said...

Why he is sniffing around the Anglicans? Doesn't he like have a real job?

mark said...

Fr. is sharpening his acerbic wit (as if it needed sharpening) to deal with our next schism. Good strategy - take the high ground while it's available.