Monday, June 22, 2009

Ah, College Days

Check out Veritatis Praeco, a newish blog by a group of anonymous students at an unnamed Papist university.

We can imagine them -- a team of overly-serious young men, kind of conservative and kind of pretentious, some actually wearing corduroy jackets and one guy smoking a pipe. It's like a morally-serious Harvard Lampoon. Well, not really. But there is a recent post called "Why We Drink."

It all takes us back to our own undergraduate years, or it would, if you read through the posts and substituted "poetry" for "religion," "library" for "church," and maybe "Renaissance" for "God." (Never mind what you'd substitute for "smoking a pipe.")

But the part about drinking is pretty similar.


Aristides said...

Ah, but Father - we spend much time also reading poetry, frequent libraries, and examine the Renaissance; though I find the best expression of the formermost to come from Hopkins, the second to be most thrilling if it has a large collection of Church Fathers, and the lattermost an object of much criticism.

And we prefer tweed; corduroy is not quite pretentious enough.

Thank you for the link!

Father said...

Hopkins. Really? Surely you mean Dante.

Aristides said...

Dante best fulfills the didactic element of poetry, and is certainly a great poet - though I believe my inability to read Italian keeps me from best appreciating the terza rima form. Hopkins, on the other hand, wrote in English, and the tripartite interplay of inscape, instress, and sprung rhythm produce works that are both enjoyable for their mere aesthetic quality and their contemplative value.

He was, after all, a Jesuit priest.