Monday, March 23, 2009

Women in the Military

Readers with long memories may recall Father Ron, who back in 2002 or thereabouts told us with great confidence that (a) the war in Afghanistan was winding down, and (b) that the members of his little parish "were already forgetting" about the World Trade Center. 

(Apparently, the good folks at St. Oblivius' parish didn't get their quota of "Never Forget" t-shirts, or make the ghoulish "pilgrimage" to the WTC site that seems to be de rigeur for overweight tourists from small towns.)

A year or so later, over what might otherwise have been a perfectly pleasant breakfast of retreat-center waffles, we exploded at this imbecile, when he offered another unqualified opinion on military matters.  In the latter case, it was that women were intrinsically unfit for combat duty.

Whatever.  The Israelis don't think so, and they have a pretty good army.  And -- no doubt to help us forget about their recent combat operations in Gaza and Lebanon -- they are also reminding us that their army includes women.  In this case, 2009's Miss Israel, navy Corporal Avi Rodnitzki.

So what's this post actually about? The cynical exploitation of pretty women.  The IDF is using Corp. Rodnitzki to make you forget about Gaza, and we are using her to help you remember that Fr. Ron is the sort of twerp who, when out of uniform, probably wears a bow-tie.

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