Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pure Evil

Some people don't believe in it.  They think that values are ultimately relative, culturally-conditioned, creations of the human mind, while the universe moves on it sway without prejudice or compassion.  

They're wrong.

Consider this BBC account of an interview with "Adam," a fighter pressed into service in Darfur:

He was talking through a translator but his voice was quiet. I thought I heard anger, heard him slow and his voice drop: "I had no choice," he said "but I will say that I didn't kill anybody but the raping of the small children, it was bad."  I knew this [part of the interview] was going to be difficult and now it had begun.

What happens with the children, I asked. "They cry out," he answered. "And what happens when they cry out?" "Two persons will capture her while she is crying and another raping her, then they leave her there," came his reply.

The rest of the story is just as painful.

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