Friday, March 06, 2009

Dept. of No Surprise: The President is a Citizen!

US District Judge James Robertson is a new hero for non-twits everywhere.  

As Egg readers may know, subscribers to the New Frontiersman and suchlike crazy-papers (yes, Herman Otten, we mean you) have argued for some time that President Obama is not a "natural-born citizen" under the Constitution, apparently on the grounds that they don't yet know about Hawaiian statehood.  Proving that lawyers get paid by the hour, they actually brought a civil suit seeking to annul the 2008 election.

Today, Robertson not only threw the case out, he suggested that the plaintiffs and their attorney have 

 ... violated court rules barring frivolous and harassing cases and [should] pay Obama's attorney, Bob Bauer, for his time ....

We should say so.  We have read comic books that weren't this frivolous, and hate mail from the mentally disturbed that wasn't this ill-considered.  Literally true, in both cases.

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