Sunday, March 01, 2009

We Should Have Seen This Coming

Because we at the Egg are old, old people, most of the video-game revolution has passed us by.  Although we cherish fond memories of Ms. Pac-Man, and played our way through Myst, there hasn't been much since then.  Certainly, the world of highly-detailed first-person shooters is as obscure to us as, say, Dante is to the greasy teems who play them.

Heh.  Funny thing about that.

Gaming giant Entertainment Arts is working on a video-game version of Dante's Inferno. Click above for some information, or below for some footage. We especially like the part where he uses a glowing cross to smite the army of unbaptized babies:

Anyway, it's a brilliant idea for EA, especially since it comes with ready-made sequels.  We're sure the team will have a field day animating Judas Maccabeus and William of Orange, from the Paradiso.  We're not so sure that St Peter Damian will be as stimulating.

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Anonymous said...

Looks moderately interesting. A high-school teacher once suggested the idea to me a few years back.

Still, I think I'll sit this one out with the virtuous pagans.