Friday, March 06, 2009

A Job for the Taliban

Buddhists are understandably nonplussed about Buddha Bar, the French chain of ... well, bars with big Buddha statues in them.  After all, abstinence from alcohol is one of the Five Precepts.

So Indonesian Buddhists recently held a rally outside the Jakarta franchise.  And they really let those religion-despising boozers have it, too:  they prayed, burned incense and held up banners.  There were some flowers, too.  We're not sure it was all that effective:

"Buddha Bar is open as usual," said the bar staff, who gave her name as Echi.

Come on, people.  What are you, Canadians?  Here's how you protest religious insensitivity:

In the past, supporters of [Indonesia's] hardline Muslim groups have smashed up bars and nightclubs for opening during the Ramadan fasting month. 

We modestly propose that Indonesia's Buddhists take lessons from their Muslim neighbors.  Or better yet,  they could bring in some foreign experts to consult.  We understand that the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan is awfully cold this year, which means that the Taliban might consider catching a plane for some fun under the tropical sun.  

After all, they have lots of experience in removing offensive images of the Buddha.  Remember Bamiyan?

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Anonymous said...

Having been to the location in NY, I would not be averse to some good old fashion hard-line retribution. A place with low lights, loud music, stinking incense and swankly disinterested waiters serving minuscule sushi and ridiculously overpriced martinis deserve such, not more business!