Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pakistan to US: More Robot Bomb Flights!

We had assumed -- because the talking heads kept telling us -- that US bombing missions in Pakistan's tribal regions, carried ot by unmanned drones, were going to push the country into an anti-American fervor, and further complicate the pursuit of Al Quaeda.

Turns out we may have been misinformed.  Shame on you, oh Talking Heads!  Per Wired's Danger Room:

But a survey of Pakistan's tribal regions, released today in Pakistan's Daily Times, tells a different story. "Over two-thirds of the people viewed Al-Qaeda and the Taliban as enemy number one, and wanted the Pakistani army to clear the area of the militants. A little under two-thirds want the Americans to continue the drone attack[s] because the Pakistani army is unable or unwilling to retake the territory from the Taliban," researcher Farhat Taj says.

Surprise lesson for the Western press? Not all Muslims -- even "tribal" Muslims, which when you think about it is an expression smacking with racism -- think alike.  Some may even  -- gasp -- not be pawns of the Islamists.  

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