Monday, March 23, 2009

Game of the Week

Facebook users may be amused by a whimsical application called Take My Bishop, Please.  It is taking the internets by storm!

TMBP allows users to offer the bishop of their choice as a gift to their friends.  (At least as long as their choice involves ELCA bishops and a few special adoptees).  Ah, but wait.  Are they offering the said bishop with good intentions, as somebody whose gifts can benefit the greater church?  Or are they, in good Rodney Dangerfield fasion, imploring friends to take a given prelate off their hands?

App designer (and friend of the blog) Fr. William of Howard Beach answers that this ambiguity is what gives the game its deliciousness.  He's no doubt correct, but -- erring on the side of kindness -- we have made it our own custom to send out St. Ambrose of Milan, who remains to this day the Egg's vision of episcopus ne plus ultra.

In any case, we note that our own bishop, Robert Rimbo of these Minor Outlying Islands (and parts of the mainland, too) is currently the most gifted of all bishops.

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