Friday, September 26, 2008

Notes from the Debate - 4

In closing, McCain tried to promote his experience, and Obama was too much of a gentleman to exploit the opening.  Experience of what, exactly?  McCain likes to say he "knows" things -- in this case, how to heal the wounds of war.  And where did he learn that?  Healing the wounds of Vietnam, which are still open through our culture even as its actual veterans shuffle off to Miami?

Obama never mentioned the Keating 5, which is another kind of economic experience.  Or the neat way that he has experienced both sides of nearly every issue he's ever dealt with, up to and including the issue of whether to show up for the debate tonight.

Obama's own closing was a sweet, but somewhat dull, reminder that the US is the greatest country in the world, which it is -- but we all knew that going in, didn't we?

The talking heads are going at it right now on both NPR and CNN, because Father A. is a multitasker.  But we'll let them fight out the results, which we call a near-draw, ever so slightly in Obama's favor.

We need our beauty rest, so that we can rise bright and chipper to teach deacons the history of the Mass.

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