Monday, September 29, 2008


We love 'em. One of our deepest regrets is that they became extinct 65 million years before human beings came into existence, so that our ancestors could not have wrangled and ridden them.   

Good news from Alaska, though.  According to Gov. Palin, we have been misinformed; per the LA Times, she believes that human beings and dinosaurs did coexist.  She has even seen fossilized footprints that somehow prove this.  (Don't ask about the details.  You don't want to know.)

(Click here for GetReligion's somewhat testy explanation of why the story is bad journalism.  Spoilsports.)

We are very excited by this, and hope that Gwen Ifill asks lots and lots of questions about it.  And why shouldn't she?  It's not foreign policy.

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