Friday, September 26, 2008

Notes from the Debate - 3

What kind of idiot is Lehrer?  he just asked them to predict the future.  "What is the likelihood of another attack?"

The answer, of course, is:  There will be attacks.  Our job is to prevent as many as we can, intercept as many as possible, minimize the damage from the ones that arrive and avenge the hell out of anything.

McCain's answer was "we're safer than we used to be," and toi approve the Bush adminsistration's addition of extra bureaucracy to the national security apparatus.

Obama says we haven't done enough, although he seems to think that suitcase nukes exist.  (They don't.  Science fiction, as I understand it.)  But he's the one who talks about going after Al Qaeda, just as he is the one who reserves the right to chase those SOBs over the pakistani border any freaking time he wants to, while McCain thinks we have to wait until the pakistanis are willing to welcome us as liberators.

For once, the Democrat is the tough guy on this stuff.

As for Iraq, Johnny mac is clearly reaching, and trying to support Bush's post facto justification of our continued presence there.  he thinks it's 'the central issue of our time," which is bullshit. I mean, the Sunni militias versus the Shi'a majority?  Really?  How about economics?  China and India?    

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