Friday, September 12, 2008

Dennis Baxley is a Moron

Mr. Baxley is the director of the Christian Coalition of Florida, and recently told the Miami Herald that Obama "is pretty scary to us," because of his "Muslim roots and training," but also because he believes that the Illinois senator is a godless Communist:  

He wants to tax the rich more and redistribute wealth to other people -- where I come from, that's socialism.  Karl Marx was not a Christian.

Sigh.  The next couple of weeks are going to drag, aren't they?  At this point, anybody who can read knows that Obama is not a Muslim, never was a Muslim, and has no Muslim "training" of any sort.  Claims or aspersions to the contrary are signs of either stupidity or  disingenuity.  

Baxley wonders how living in Indonesia for a few years "influences [Obama's] thinking,"  and we have to laugh.  There is a certain kind of American for whom the rest of the world is such a profoundly scary place that they cannot fully trust anybody who has visited, much less lived there.  For them, a sophomore year in Italy is as dangerous as shooting heroin.  But anybody who has watched the foreign policy disasters of the past eight years can see clearly what happens when we choose leaders with no experience of the world.

As for redistribution of wealth, well, let's be honest:  that's what taxes do, pretty much by definition.  The question is whether you want to tax the rich for the benefit of the middle class, as Obama does, or tax the middle class for the benefit of the super-rich, which has been the strategy of the Bush tax cuts which McCain claims to favor.  Baxley, apparently, owns a yacht.

For our part, we at the Egg wonder whether Baxley is illiterate or duplicitous, since he must surely be one or the other -- and which of those was the characteristic that qualified him to speak on behalf of Florida's soi-disant Christians.   

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