Friday, September 26, 2008

"Evangelist" Arrested

We live such a sheltered life.  We'd heard the name "Tony Alamo" once or twice before, but didn't connect it with anything.  We felt a little sorry for the guy, sharing his last name with a famous massacre.

Turns out the guy is a freak.  And he's probably going down -- again.

Per the AP, Alamo was arrested for multiple violations of the Mann Act -- transporting children across state lines for sexual purposes.  He is suspected of involvement in child pornography.  He has already spent for years in the federal pen for tax evasion.  The Southern Poverty Law center describes his "ministry" as a cult, and it might also qualify as hate group for its ranting about Roman Catholics, gays and the government.  Oh, and he kept his dead wife on display in glass box for six months.  Like Lenin or Snow White, we suppose.

Needless to say, Alamo protests his innocence, and claims he has been framed by "the anti-Christ government" and "the Catholics."

Worst of all, he was born with a perfectly serviceable name -- Bernie Lazar Hoffman.  He actually changed it to the name of a famous massacre.

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Anonymous said...

bl hoffman & warren jefts, thought freaks that they are bear a strange similarity to the current administration in flaunting the law of the land. if the former two can be arrested is there reason that the latter are still not only roaming but in charge?