Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mormons vs. Christians, Yet Again

"Ar Mormons Christins?"  We've covered this question before, and consider it largely a matter of semantics -- what, precisely, is a "Christian"?  But we draw your attention not only to the brief blog post linked above, but also to the comments, which are revealing.  

One obvious skeptic answered, "It's like asking who's stronger, Hercules or Thor."  Should we feel guilty because that one cracked us up?  Another argued that "Mormons don't need the approval of other Christians regarding their Christianity and shouldn't really care."  

This is absolutely true.  And it would be a great relief to the rest of us if they would establish a corporate policy of not caring, so that we could say what we believe without giving offense -- that they most certainly are not Christians, by any definition informed by history or traditional doctrine.  But instead of agreeing not to care what we think, they seem to keep complaining about it.

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