Sunday, June 29, 2008

When Bad Vegetables Happen to Good Churches

Headline in the Duluth News-Tribune:  "Rhubarb’s mass appeal descends on Duluth's First Lutheran."  The blood runs cold.

Father Anonymous himself has been eating a little rhubarb this summer.  The experience has forced him to reconsider his enthusiasm for community-supported agricultural cooperatives.  Turns out they make you take the stuff in order to get your hands on their organic strawberries.  (Delicious, delicious strawberries).

Briefly put, any mention of rhubarb's mass appeal sound suspicious to us.  In Minnesota, however, it appears they actually like rhubarb, or at least pretend to.  The paper claims that "you’re going to find it in some type of baked good at just about every picnic or potluck you go to."  One more example of the Scandinavian capacity for self-punishment.

We already have a list of states we try to avoid during summer:  Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, and the one where Houston is, we forget the name.  We are, somewhat sadly, putting Minnesota on the list, despite its gazillion Lutherans.

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