Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And On A Less Serious Note

So one of the newlyweds in the last post is the Rev. Dr. David Lord.  Does anybody besides the Egg think that guy's life must be pretty tough?

We are reasonably confident that people come up to him at parties and say, "Hey, that makes you Father Lord!  Get it -- Father Lord?"  And then, after a second, they probably add, "I guess you hear that all the time," in a tone of voice that suggests they still hope he does not.  But he does.

A cleric named Lord. Hysterical.  Just ask anybody from this list of our own friends and colleagues:  Michael Church, Mark Christian, David Parsons, Stephanie Pope, or John Priest.  Not to mention the one poor guy whose name caused even our icy-cold heart to melt with compassion, a classmate named Randy Bishop.  Get it?  Randy Bishop.

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