Friday, June 13, 2008

Real Men Don't Eat ... Meat?!

We were soooo sure it was quiche.

But it turns out that Mac Danzig, apparently a world champion in some brutal combat sport as well as one of America's Fittest Guys, according to the magazines they sell in drugstores, is also a vegan.  No milk, no meat, just a steady diet of teeth and knuckles.

The vegans of our misspent youth (and there were many) tended to be willowy young ladies with translucent skin and ethereal manners, or men who were indistinguishable from same.  We thought they were cool, until we found out that Hitler was also a vegetarian.

Still, we are reminded of Luther's frequent contention that Adam and Eve ate only fruits and vegetables, and that meat consumption was a sign of the Fall.

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