Friday, June 06, 2008

Perhaps We Missed the Point

Per the Times, an article on "Lord's Gym," a Christian health club.  You can tell it's Christian because people read the Bible while they walk the treadmill, the music is Christian rock, and there's an airbrushed mural of the Apocalypse in the kickboxing room. 

No word on whether membership dues are tithed to a a local homeless shelter or food pantry.


Anonymous said...

hey, maybe with christian gyms, xian folk & rock, xian mega churches the idea could continue with such things as xian supermarkets or even sports teams. (ny yankees just drafted a pitcher from a lutheran school in california) and waddabout competing with utah and having an all xian state?

Father said...

Mary-land seems like the obvious choice. But we'd settle for Minnesota, so that the Christian state could have a Lutheran accent.

Anonymous said...

What is not mentioned in the article, which surprises me, is that I bet what makes it a "Christian" gym is that they strictly outline what their female members can wear.