Friday, June 20, 2008

"We Have Cake, They Have Lies"

“These are the nicest protesters I have ever had the privilege of policing,” one policeman said. “They even bring lunch.”

For the love of mercy, click the link and read a London Times takeout on Anonymous, the internet-driven protest against Scientology.  It is both funny and fascinating.  (By the time we hit the part about KFC, the entire Egg pressroom was in hysterics).

Yes, they are nice young people, these Anonymi, what with their Guy Fawkes masks and snacks for the bobbies.  They are also onto something:  it is entirely possible that all the public protests in the world cannot stop the Iraqi war machine.  But it is just possible that enough publicity can put a dent in the organization that thought Battlefield Earth deserved a green light.

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