Monday, June 09, 2008

Bush Fired Rove ... in Church

Apparently the White House has a shortage of conference rooms.

This, at least, is what we conclude from the story told by Paul Alexander, in his book Machaiavelli's Shadow

On a Sunday in midsummer, George W. Bush accompanied Karl Rove to the Episcopalian Church [sic] Rove sometimes attended. ... They made their way to the front of the congregation. Then, during their time in the church, Bush gave Rove some stunning news. "Karl," Bush said, "there’s too much heat on you. It’s time for you to go.”

The speculation is that the President was trying to avert an explosion by the notoriously hot-tempered Rove.  This strikes us as odd.  After all, he's the POTUS.  What's Rove gonna do -- take a swing?  The Secret Service would love that.

The big surprise is that Rove goes to an Episcopal church.  Probably Truro or Falls Church, though. 

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