Friday, May 22, 2009

"Take my Bishop": Eurotrash Edition

Some lucky Facebook users have already experienced "Take My Bishop, Please," the internet craze that's sweeping the nation.  But now, courtesy of the "Take My Bishop" European bureau, a fortunate few have been sent their own virtual Archbishop of Turku.

What -- you weren't among them?  Feeling left out?  Well, then, you'd better ask your synod assembly to memorialize Churchwide to make "Take My Bishop" an official ELCA commission.  Heaven knows we've supported others that were less entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Wait, the staff at Take My Bishop, Please! is catagorized under "Neeks and Gerds?" We're going to take this to the European High Commission for a judgement. web

Father said...

I wasn't sure anybody else ever noticed those categories. I put an absurd amount of energy into making them up.